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Iota’s Long Standing Commitment to Service

From the beginning of it’s existence, IOTA PHI THETA® has sought to “Make a Difference.” One of the very first activities of the newly-formed Iota was participation in the protests at the segregated Northwoods Shopping Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The founders of the Fraternity considered themselves “Militant” at a time when militancy was not an entirely popular stance.

This commitment to service has been a constant thread throughout the history of IOTA PHI THETA® and will continue to be manifested on both the National and Local levels of the organization.

Partial listing of involvements undertaken by IOTA PHI THETA® chapters includes:

  • The NAACP
  • The United Negro College Fund
  • Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • Project IMAGE
  • The National Federation of the Blind
  • The National Sickle Cell Foundation

IOTA Brothers continue to make an impact in their surrounding Communities.

Participating in:

  • Walk-A-Thons
  • Food Drives
  • Senior Citizen Homes
  • Political Awareness and Mobilization activities