A Message From Our Grand Polaris

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Building With A Purpose!!!










Well Brothers it’s time to go to work! Our administration has a lot of ground to cover and we plan to hit the ground running. After listening to you, we have a list of items we plan to attack in our first quarter. Some of these items may be a tall order, but with all of us pulling together, we will tackle them the best we can.


90 day plan


  1. Get Brothers on the same page
    • Through alignment by having single shared vision, mission, and value statement. This marks a milestone in clarity of who we are and the direction we shall move in.
    • Focusing on our Brothers first
  2. Marketing both internal and external
    • Increasing visibility of our own brand throughout the organization.
    • Define the Iota Brand and market internally and externally.
    • Appropriately addressing the community based items with effective, clear, concise communication to those items impacting the Iota Family and agenda.
    • Increasing our Activision Agenda
    • Provide accurate information through one source of communication.
  3. Build Morale
    • Develop a bottom up infrastructure that allows greater input.
    • Detailed planning of national events that are more brother oriented.
    • Extend support to grass root service programming.
    • Getting back the basics of our Brotherhood.
  4. More Regional Support
    • Work more to build stronger regions by allocating resources, such as 501 c3 education and support.
    • Challenging brothers to get more involved in their Regions, State and Local Chapters.
  5. Recruiting and Intake Support
    • Share best practices, focused targeted approach in selection process, and identify at risk chapters.
    • Develop marketing and a comprehensive guide to retain and attract new members.
    • Creating an action plan to determine who we want as members and how we plan to recruit them.


Now I know that some of you may have some doubts on achieving some of these goals, but one thing our history and our founders has told us that against the odds we pull through.


Thank you, in Brotherhood


22nd International Grand Polaris

"Building with a Purpose"

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