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From the 22nd Grand Polaris  


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It is never easy to lose a loved one.
It becomes even more difficult when you lose someone who is a pillar, a giant in his own right, and an inspiration to so many.
Because of this reason, I greet you all with a heavy heart, a solemn mind, and with few words to express regarding the passing of Most Honorable Founder Frank B. Coakley. I cannot articulate the words or give enough examples to show the amount of love we have for our Beloved Founder.
Please take this time to reflect on the importance and magnitude of the involvement of our Founders to our fraternity - the friendships formed and the moments that were and are shared. As we try to forge through these emotional times and challenging days ahead, please keep Founder Coakley's family and our fraternity in your prayers.
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Yours in the fold,
Andre’ R. Manson
22nd International Grand Polaris

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