Grand Council
Grand Polaris Robert Clark
Robert Clark – 21st International Grand Polaris


International Grand Polaris:
Bro. Robert Clark
International Grand Vice-Polaris:
Bro. Richard Gilbert
International 2nd Grand Vice-Polaris:
Bro. Andre Brennan
International Grand Secretary:
Bro. George Smith
International Grand Treasurer:
Bro. Paul Trussell
Executive Director:
Bro. Kevin Bennett
National Historian:
Bro. Evan Wade
National Chaplains:
Bro./Bishop Talbert Swan
Bro./Pastor Curlee Adams
National Parliamentarian:
General Counsel:
Bro. John Davenport
Bro. Tarae Howell


Regional Polaris – Atlantic Coast
Bro. Earl Nelson
Regional Polaris – Eastern
Bro. Jason Eckles
Regional Polaris – Far West
Bro. Daryl Henderson
Regional Polaris – Gulf Coast
Bro. Christopher Greggs
Regional Polaris – Midwest
Bro. Oak Ekunno
Regional Polaris – Ohio Valley
Bro. Eugene Williams
Regional Polaris – Southern
Bro. Brian Love

Intermediate Officers

Chief of Strategic Affairs
Bro. Sean Housen
Director of Graduate Affairs:
Bro. Toby Miller
Director of Undergraduate Affairs:
Bro. Allen White
Director of Regional Affairs:
Bro. Andre Manson
Director of Communications:
Bro. Bryan Maule
Director of Technology:
Bro. Carlos Maury
Director of Training & Development:
Bro. Christopher McQueen
Director of Honorary Recruitment:
Bro. Dwayne Dixon
Director of Intake:
Bro. Tobias Morgan
Director of Membership:
Bro. Michael Robinson
Directors of Military Affairs:
Bro. Alex Pratt (NCO, Enlisted)
Bro. Eric McCoy (Commissioned)
Director of Health Initiatives:
Bro. Harry Lopez
Director of Social Media:
Director of Public Meetings:
Bro. Larry Johnson
Director of Public Relations
Bro. Greg Sneed

Additional Leadership :

Director of Community Service:
Bro. John Branch
NPHC/NIC Liaison:
Bro. Cecil Bienvenu
St. Jude Liaison:
Bro. SirArthur Edwards
Iota Youth Alliance (I.Y.A.) Coordinator
Bro. Nelson McCoy
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator
Bro. Joshua Mata

Sponsors / Partners

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